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Madeira - A fascinating Journey: One Week in Ma...
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Madeira, the island of flowers and "eternal spring" belonging to Portugal with steep coasts, imposing mountains and world famous wine is an idyllic paradise for those looking for relaxation.The capital Funchal is located in a picturesque bay. After visiting the Mudéjar-style cathedral and a harbor tour, you can reach the Monte cable car and the Jardim Monte Palace.The small fishing village of Camara De Lobos is located on the south coast and was made famous by Sir Winston Churchill, who painted the small harbor here.You can experience the wonderful natural landscape of the island on hikes through the mountains and along the irrigation channels, the so-called levadas.São Vicente, located on the rugged north coast, looks like a place from a picture book and the winegrowers proudly show their traditional houses and well-kept vineyards.In Santana you will discover the typical thatched houses with lush flower gardens.In the middle of fertile terraces lies the picturesque center of Faial, a place where the landscape and the people have preserved their originality.Your trip to Madeira, whose wild beauty wants to be rediscovered every day, ends at the Eastern Cape, on the brown-red cliffs of Ponto de Sao Lourenco, which form a fantastic contrast to the deep blue Atlantic. 1. Language: English. Narrator: James T. Brown. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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